NaNoWriMo 2016: Fighting boredom

Last night I reached the halfway point with 25,083 words on the count. I am proud of that achievement (got me a new badge) but…and there is often a but, isn’t there.

But, I am bored with the story. I have hit a slump and earlier in FB post I compared it to ‘wading through the undergrowth using a blunt machete’, which is random as I have never actually done that, but also feels rather poetically accurate.

My action has stalled. I feel like all I am doing is character exposition and I am getting bored. This usually hits me a lot earlier so it’s an achievement in itself to have gone this far this time. So what can I do to get excited again and yet keep with the same story?

Here are a few things I have found reading other people’s blogs, Nanowrimo veterans and founder’s book ‘No plot, No problem’ and just thinking about what to do:

  1. Skip straight to a more exciting part
  2. Do a freewriting session
  3. Break it down in smaller 400 words chunks
  4. Stop worrying about the quality of what you are writing

There are a lot more advices around, you just have to Google Nanowrimo Tips to get a whole plethora of articles and blogposts from participants, past winners or from the guest bloggers on Nano site.

For now, I think I am going to try for n#1. I need a bit of action and I have an idea for some which is supposed to happen much later. Right now, it sounds more interesting than going linear.



Advanced Creative Writing Course

Although I have been a bit quiet lately in there, this doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing. I haven’t been writing as much as I would have liked, but I have been writing…although as usual, I am stuck at Chapter 3.

Yesterday I started the next level of my writing course, the Advanced one. Not that I think that I have the advanced skills already but the format is slightly different. It’s more about getting actual feedback for your writing and less about been “lectured” at, although there will be a teaching element to it.

Everyone at the course will have a chance to be “workshopped” twice. This means that twice, you have to come to class with at least 2,000 words (or about 12 mins reading time) of something you have written has part of your project. Ideally, something that isn’t working so you get can feedback from the tutors and peers that will actually be useful.

I am off next week so I won’t get to see how it works and then I am next up…I am a little nervous about this. Not that I fear I won’t have time to write anything, I already have enough material for my current project but mostly because everybody else in the class seems to be working on “serious” novels and I am going for pop/trash novel style. How will I be able to talk about freaking werewolves and vampires after others will have told semi-historical biography about their ancestors! Gulp! I feel a little silly already.

My project, if I dare sharing it, is an urban fantasy story. I can’t really call it a novel yet as I am not sure if I have enough material to write a full fledge novel. Maybe a short story or a novella? It will have romance (of course)…I like a good dose of sexual tension, although unlike some of the writers I see around the Kindle “playlist”, I am not automatically keen on raunchy sex scenes. No I am not a prude, I just prefer a kick ass fight scene. It will have action (see previous comment), it will have werewolves and some other supernatural races and it will be based in London. Write what you know, right? I would find it quite difficult at this stage to base my story somewhere I don’t know well (or at all). I could invent a new town I suppose but I have enough obstacles as we speak.

The plan is to write it using both my male and female lead POV….that’s the plan anyway.

I still need to work at my structure as I am not entirely sure what I want to happen, the how or the when…Yeah, tall order. I do have some nice set up scenes though…well, at least I think so…for now.

On another note…I have started to read Stephen King’s “On Writing”…it’s a mishmash of writing tips and autobiography…I am actually enjoying it more than I thought I would.