NaNoWriMo 2016: First week recap

Nano 2016 first week is almost over and so far so much crappy drivel. Yeah, yeah, I know everyone says their writing is awful but it’s my parade, I can rain on it if I want to.

On the plus side, I am on track with my wordcount: at close of day last night I had managed 11,466 words. Pretty pleased with that.

It hasn’t been easy and I was hoping to build some buffer at the weekend but my inner sloth kicked in and I chose to play Assassin’s Creed: Unity instead…I know, this is meant to be a reward but I have zero patience. I did do my 2 needed sessions though so I am not behind.

So what about the story, I hear you ask. Well, it’s a diesel of a story. It’s starting slow, slowly warming up to the action, which is of course a problem as usually I am one who prefers to get thrown in the thick of it. I am discovering my characters.

I have three main characters – which is a great way to triple your wordcount by the way, as I sometimes cheat and write the same scene through different POV (but don’t tell anyone).
Beth who is in her mid forties and has just been dumped by her sleezebag husband for a younger model.

Reena who is in her late thirties, she is a hospital doctor and married a man through an arranged marriage and he turns out to be a wife-beater.

And finally, Angelique ‘Angel’ who is in her early to mid thirties and is a tough cookie with a bad start in life. Schizophrenic mother, gambling and alcoholic dad. She has had it rough from the start and things gets worse when she loses her job after she punched a guy who was getting a little to fresh with her.

I feel like I have great, strong female characters in the making. They are all flawed and have room for growth.

They don’t know each other but fate and a little help from a dead witch will thrown them together so they can fulfil their witchy destinies.

I still have to figure out the how and create more conflicts for them. Right now, they are getting to know each other and I am getting to know them.

I have a couple of supporting characters too: Kara, the kick ass warrior-witch who is in her early twenties and will act as a teacher. Lavinia, the ghostly witch responsible for bringing them together and who will be the beyond the grave mentor and Jessie, the teenage neighbour who will be the surprise fourth witch in their quad party.

I have to develop my villains too: Reena’s husband will be one of the them, warlocks from a secret society and some demons too. Not all of them will be male as I don’t want this to be a male bashing fest but I do want strong ‘smash the patriarchy’ undertones.

I do worry that I am trying to cram in too many characters and not enough action…at least that’s where I am at now. Not all the characters will be introduced in this episode.

Anyway, this is where I am at. This week, I have to get some action going. My ladies will discover that there is a hidden world of magic and things that go bump in the night and that they are part of it. Some will embrace it and other will resist it.

To be continued…