NaNoWriMo 2016: ‘The day before it starts’ panic

Nano 2016 kick starts tomorrow and I am in a panic.

I feel that all the prep I have done is rubbish and not enough to get me passed Chapter 3! – if you have read some of my previous writing posts, you will know that chapter 3 is my nemesis.

What’s there to panic about I hear you ask ?

  • I thought I had created beats for the story but having made the mistake to read some other ‘book for writers’, I am now thinking a) they are shit and b) they are not real beats.
  • My characters don’t really have internal conflicts or interesting external conflicts except for ‘this is where demons attack’
  • I don’t have a fleshed out uber villain
  • I think I have given myself too many characters to worry about, although I am planning to make this a series so I don’t really need to evolve them too much.
  • I don’t have high stakes or rising stakes…

All I can think about right now is to go around in circle, shouting ‘gahhhhh’ whilst pulling my hair! And I haven’t even started yet.

I can’t decide if I should be a planner or pantser and I can’t seem to do the work how it should be done in between. I keep changing my mind and indecision is killing me (not literally of course).

Part of me wants to go ‘sod it, why am I doing this to myself, just give it up’ and another part wants to bitch slap that defeatist approach…

I really, really want to write a novel. Even if it’s a short one and as usual, I am my own worst enemy.




Preparing for NaNoWriMo 2016

November is already upon us and with it the first frisson of chilly weather and talks of the next Nano.

Once again, I have decided to try my hand at it, still high from my success with Camp Nano and now I have better writing tool with #scrivener. At least I hope that it will help.

I have been working a plan and doing research for a story which wasn’t the plan after Camp Nano but that came to me.

Once again, I have started in a new direction before I even finished the other one. The difference this time is that I actually know what my ending should be like as I want this story to be serialised.

I thought, after Camp Nano 2106, that I wanted to write a YA story but I realised that I don’t really want to write about teenagers.

A couple of month I read a story in The Guardian about 3 retired single ladies who decided to buy a house together to fend off loneliness and just share happy times together and that inspired me… I could see myself living that way when I am older. I was a big fan of the TV series ‘Charmed’ as well and suddenly those 2 things came together.

Although I originally thought I was going to write about 3 retired ladies in an exotic island who discover they are witches, I realised there were too many unknowns in there for me to feel comfortable. Too much stuff to make up to start with. I want to concentrate on the characters and the action and if I have to create a whole new world and try to figure out how it would be to be an older lady then I think it would be too much.

So although I am keeping the same central theme 3 ladies, witchcraft “Charmed’ like…my ladies will not know each other at the start, they will be in their 30s and 40s (I can relate to either) and they will be living in South East London (again I can relate)…after that, let’s see what I can put them through…

I have started to do character bios and I also started a beat sheet, Snyder’s style to help pave the way so I roughly know where I am going this time.

I have one week to find as many beats as I can all the way to 25.

25 Chapters of 2000 words each and I should get one full novel. The plan is obviously to write 1,667 words per day at least so almost 1 chapter per day…

I couldn’t do it before…Really hoping that having some research done before will carry me forward.

Wish me luck.