How to win Camp NaNo

One of my  most excellent cabin mates [Balladeer] from Camp Nano pointed out to me that I hadn’t mentioned the brilliant support I got (we all got) from each other in our cabin [Cabin McCabinborough].

I had briefly mentioned that it was a good idea to get a cabin with people in the same time zone as it helped but I hadn’t specifically talked about my cabin.

We all connected via the Nanowrimo London Facebook group with Balladeer leading the charge in organising the cabin for us. Thanks to his dedication, we had a very active cabin with almost daily interactions from a core group, bi-weekly virtual write-ins (VWI) with a Skype chat on and a weekly physical WI (which I sadly didn’t get to attend). I also missed the Nanorilla session which I think I would have liked and consisted of a full afternoon of writing together in a shared location.

For me, the support of the cabin has been invaluable. I am a lazy person by nature and without external commitment I easily let deadlines slip. After all, I am the only penalised if I don’t do my wordcount. Because we had daily catch up, I felt ‘obligated’ (I mean that in a positive way) to have an updated count which I easily did thanks to the sprint sessions during the VWI.

If it hadn’t been for the 2 weeks holiday that I knew I was taking with the family towards the end, I could have easily upped my target to 30K, maybe even 35K, which feels me with hope for next November.

So my number #1 tip for winning Camp Nano? Get yourself a good, supportive local cabin and put in the effort to participate. You will take from it far more than you have to put in.

Now that I have ‘won’ this year’s Camp, I need to finish my story (still) and then I think I am going to start another before I decide to edit it. I still don’t know how I am going to end it.

Why do you want to win Camp Nano? You get cool banners to show off, personal satisfaction and 50% Scrivener download! I am well looking forward to that.



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