Camp NaNoWriMo 2016: Surviving Week 1

We are well into Week 2 now but here is a quick update on how my first week went.

To recap, I have given myself the target of 25K words to be reached by 30th July (I have taken the 31st out). So my daily wordcount target is roughly 834.

That means that by Day 12 (today), I should be at 10,008 words…don’t panic, this is the extent of my mathematical abilities!
I am happy to report that as of last night I have racked up a wordcount total of 11,310! Let’s hear a ‘hell yeah’ from the back of the room.

I have had a couple of nights off too. One because I went to a podcast recording – well worth it ; and the other, because I was too tired to get my brain to focus.

In the past, my biggest hurdle has been to go past Chapter 3 which is basically when you start moving out of the setting up and into the story. I was always stuck because I never really had an idea of what I wanted my main character (MC) to do and it would panic me and I get myself distracted by another newer and shinier idea and would run with that instead, thus starting a new cycle of Chapter 1 to 3.
I am not even exaggerating. If I check my backlog of ‘started’ stories since I got back into writing (2014), I have 35 stories started where I stopped on or before Chapter 3 and not counting the one I am doing now, I have 1 story where I reached Chapter 5.
And I am not counting stories that I started on notebooks and didn’t bother typing up.
Do you know how many completed story I have? 0
Yep, you read right. Out of all those stories started not a single one went to completion.
That’s just too sad and upsetting.

This latest story, I have to finish. Even if I got an idea for a new story on my way to a shopping trip at the weekend. I am full of ideas. I am a great starter. Finishing though, is another story.

So I am now halfway through to Week 2 and it is believed to be the hardest week as the excitement of starting a story is wearing off and ideas are drying out and the burden of keeping a day job and writing in your spare time start taking its toll.
I am quite lucky that although work has been unusually busy (of course), I live alone and I haven’t had much of a social life  lately, so I don’t get any distractions once I can pry myself away from Netflix.
Because of that and thanks to the regular check ins  with my cabin mates, I am ahead of target.
I can’t recommend this enough by the way: if you have the opportunity to create a cabin with people in the same time zone or people you have been in contact with before, then do it. It’s great to have a sounding board and people who are keen to do virtual write-ins.

I am halfway through Chapter 5 and although I know there is probably a lot of unnecessary dialogue, I am happy things are moving along.
The one thing I have failed is to introduce one of the other secondary cast members, which I should have done by now…Editing is going to be fun.

Hope you guys are enjoying the experience and that you are also on target.

Until next time…Keep Writing!


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