Camp NaNoWriMo 2016 – Gearing up for July

After a first successful attempt in 2014 and a failed one in 2015, I am going to give this another shot.

I haven’t really written anything for a year. Little dribs and drabs and false starts andI have been quite slack at the old blogging.

For the last few weeks I have been thinking about it a lot. I have had about 3 different starts for a story I am thinking about and I have tried to read Story Engineering again to give me a boost. I have joined a Writing Facebook Group, I joined an active London cabin so we are all in the same time zone and I have every intentions on going to some write-ins.

July is usually a really bad month for me as it’s usually when I go away for 2 weeks to play cool Aunty to my nephew and a 7 years old doesn’t really allow you to get a lot of me time when he hasn’t seen you for a whole year…so last year I failed. This year, however, I am going away only on the last week of Camp NaNo so the plan is to have as much written as possible before I go to make up for the time I will most definitely lack at the end of the month.

I have decided to go for 25K words (half a NaNoWriMo count) to flex my writing muscles, be realistic but still do more than the first year I managed to complete the challenge. I have also taken the last day of July of to make my daily word count and rounded it up so it’s a very achievable 834 w/day. I am psyched!

I got the book ‘No plot, No problem’ from NaNo founder and veteran, Chris Baty and hoping that it will help me with my biggest challenge: plotting!

I always seem to have cool ideas for concepts or premises and even some spunky characters but passed Chapter 3 (set up) I don’t know what to do with them.

This time, I have done some mild prep and have few key points/scenes I want to see…whether or not they will happen I don’t know but it’s a little more than I had in the past.

My 2016 Camp NaNo entry is:

Title (working): Red Flower
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Synopsis: After spending most of her life trying to deny her elemental abilities, Sasha will have to consider unleashing her terrible powers in order to save the people she cares about.

Let’s see how close to it I will stay…2 days to go!



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