2015 Camp Nano Fail…

As you will have probably guessed from the lack of updates regarding this that I failed miserably.

I managed about 4.4K words (out of my planned 25K) over the month of July which is really poor. I wish I had only set my target at 10K as once I realised there was no way for me to reach my goal, I just didn’t try to up the number.

I had hopes that I could still keep up with it whilst I was on holidays but I underestimated how tired I would be from looking after my sister’s 3 kids. My hats to all parents of more than 1 child out there…One week and I was on my knees with the brain capacity of a gnat.

I am really annoyed with myself and I wish Camp Nano was in August as July is never going to be ideal…Excuses, excuses I hear you mutter and you would be right. I am easily distracted and a master at procrastination but as I only get to see my family twice a year, when I do, the last thing I want to do is lock myself away to hammer at a keyboard…

I am still tinkering at the story I had planned for it and it’s evolving. The plan was to do something close to what I know. Story of a girl next door in London…and then suddenly I have some werewolves in there…Can’t help it. I just love a good supernatural story.