Day 1 – Trying again

I have just noticed that it’s been 6 months since my last post…that’s just terrible. I have been a really lazy girl choosing the easy way of being entertained instead of entertaining…Well providing that you find my writing remotely entertaining.

So, as today marks the start of another Camp Nano, I am back to writing – I hope.

I have realised that although I really do love reading fantasy, science fiction and adventure novels, these may be a little too ambitious for me and that’s probably why I get stuck. So I am going to scale back and do one the first rules (which is sometimes questioned): write about what you know.

I haven’t got a clear idea of what yet but I think I might just go for a story which would use someone like me at the centre…Someone ordinary who wishes that her life wasn’t always so…We all have those moments where wished we could be the hero or the girl who has amazing things happening to her… I have planned my first writing session for tonight and what I had planned to write about until this morning (and thought about for the last month or so) is being put to pasture, so I am going to pants it totally.

I have given myself the target of 25K words which is 5K more than last year. I have to challenge myself a bit. I will be facing a little of the same challenges as I am about to go on 2 weeks holiday with my sister and her 3 kids and as I am the cool auntie, I don’t get much free time…

But as they say “if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again”

To all of those who are giving Camp Nano a go…good luck!

Until next time



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