When the World spins out of its axis…

It is not often that I let myself be overwhelmed by emotions…even when I got sick, I got over it pretty quickly. What happened in Paris on Wednesday 7th January 2015 still plays on my mind and I bounce between outrage and sadness.

Outrage that this can still happen. That people can still destroy other people’s lives in the name of their beliefs (religious or otherwise), even though thousands of years of history show that it is a) ineffective and b) pointless. What it is, is a waste. A waste of tremendous talent, a waste of worthy lives, a waste of that freedom many so dearly paid for to have.

Sadness for the lives lost, for the family destroyed by this tragedy, for the fact that thousands of years on this earth and we still haven’t learned to get along. Sadness that this will play right into the hands of those right wings politicians and give them an opportunity to gather more supporters, to profit from it in fact.

We are in 2015…we should know better.