Nanowrimo 2014 : Day 10 to 28…the Fall

Few more days to go before Nanowrimo 2014 is over and I have just reached the halfway mark. 25,135 words validated today.

I know I will not complete the challenge and for a few days I was a little upset about it. I felt I had let myself down by once again giving up before I could finish.

November was supposed to be the quiet month before the madness of Christmas and unfortunately it wasn’t. Work has been busier than ever and I completed on the purchase of my first flat halfway through the month. That meant most of my energies were spent chasing lawyers and estate agents, planning the move, coordinating builders for quotes, panicking that I had made a mistake buying said property (I haven’t but there is always the little bits you discover once you get the keys that you didn’t see before), sorting out the energy supplies to the flat – I discovered with great concern and horror that the flat was set up with pay as you go meters for gas and electricity, which means scrambling around to get keys/cards and then get them loaded with money…not something I want to keep but I can’t get it changed straight away either…and the fear that converting the meters would cost me money (thankfully, it won’t) – realising that I have to spend a bit more money to fix the walls…Anyhoo, nuff about this or more to the point, I might do a separate little post for this showing before and after pics (if I dare).

The long and short of it, I have written as much as I could which is still way behind but more than what I wrote for Camp Nano in July (20K). I have accepted that this is a fail, as challenges go but I will take the win on the personal best front.

What I have written probably doesn’t make much sense as I kept jumping back and forth in time as I was getting bored and lost with my story. I think the first few chapters will disappear as they feel more like backstory than story but it all adds up to the final count, which is why I haven’t culled them yet.

I still like the idea of my story but I think it is a little more ambitious than I had anticipated. Maybe I should have gone for something simpler…

What I take of the experience is you can never prepare too much and with the intention of participating next year, I have now 12 months (ish) to get there. Maybe if I have a more detailed plan, it won’t feel so hard.

Thank you to those who encouraged me and well done to all who have participated winners or not….

Until next Camp Nano, I’ll tinker more with the story…or do as I usually do, start with a new one…



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