Nanowrimo 2014: Day 5 to 9

or the consequences of not planning properly…

First of all, I am quite happy that I have gone over the 15K mark over the weekend…that is an achievement in itself for me and the positive spin I am trying to hang on to.

knife stabbing book with black blood

This is how I feel right now about what I have written… (Image from Corbis)

But, I hate what I have written. I don’t like where my story is going – actually it’s all over the place at the moment because I keep jumping back and forth in the timeline when I get stuck.

The set up is taking too long, my characters are not consistent and I kinda lost my way…

I decided not too plan too much in advance – just had some generals notes and character bio (only for my main protagonist) – because I was worried that I would be bored if I knew exactly what was going to happen…

I fear this was a mistake. As I don’t have a clear roadmap, my writing is meandering around, taking forever to get to a point, only to realise that the point I got too is in the complete different direction than to where I needed to be to get to my story.

sad puppy

I am a sad puppy…

Some people might say ‘That’s ok. Your story is finding it’s way and maybe it’s what your character needs to do…’ but I am so far off my original synopsis that I don’t know how to find my way back…I am considering scraping my 15K words and start over again…but if I do, I might not be able to get to 50K by the end of the month… What a conundrum. I really, really want to be able to hit the target come 30th November but what would be the point if everything goes into the Recycling bin at the end?

I may have bitten more than I can chew but at the same time, it is still early enough that I could start over…Right?

I may give myself a couple days to think about it. Especially as I have to do some “new house” related stuff…because of course, I have finally exchanged on my first flat and I have now to plan for a) a bathroom refit and b) a move and all also before the end of the month…

Who says I don’t like to challenge myself.

I hope you guys are doing much better than I am.
Until next time…


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