Nanowrimo 2014: Day 1 to 4


NaNoWriMo started with a bang last Saturday. I say with a bang because there were some fireworks popping outside in preparation for Guy Fawkes night tonight, you know ” Remember, remember, on the 5th of November” shenaningans….In London (and maybe all around the UK – but I wouldn’t know as I have never lived anywhere else in the UK), you get fireworks cracking from the first and nearly to the last of November…

But I digress…this is not a post about the merits (or not) of unlicensed fireworks selling, it’s about how I am doing with project Nano. Starting on a Saturday was a huge bonus as although I had a couple of Halloween parties to attend, I still had far more time to get stuck in that if it had started on a weekday. By the end of the weekend, I had already achieved 4409 words and by Monday I had broken the 5000 words mark. Which is really handy because since then, it has been a little trickier to fit the time as I have been pulled in too many different directions and with darkness setting so early, I really find it hard to sit down and hack my way through my story.

If you have been following me for a while, you will know that I am very easily distracted. I am the Queen of Procrastination. I try to take those distractions away but somehow, I always find a way…last night it was doing the dishes…yup, you heard right. I hate doing house chores but last night, they look pretty damn good compared to having to decide what to do with my character. I did my work but although I had been averaging out 2000 words a session, last night I only managed 1700…I am still within the daily quota but below my personal target..

This is also because I am reaching the dreaded spot of Chapter 3, which is my personal nemesis…I always find it easy to set up the story and characters, but then I flounder because I am not quite sure what I want to see happening.

I have read the books on story structure and I understand arc and milestones and heck, I have even thought of the ones I want to see…my problem is I am not quite sure how much I need to write to get there and how…well, mathematically speaking I do but I haven’t got the feel for it. That is probably because since I was 15, I haven’t actually finished a story. I have started loads but I haven’t been take one through all the way…That’s the point of Nano though…to force you to keep on at it.

I have read loads of blog posts about how to make Nano successful beyond writing 50K of garbage words that will require tons of editing but in my case, that’s what I need to do…plough down without thinking too much about the editing as it is normally what stops me at Chapter 3.

Oh and I massively struggle with voice as well…I bet that when I re-read what I have written I’ll find that one minute my character’s voice is dark, the next it’s sarcastic…then again, this is how I am myself (without the dark part) so maybe it’s not so bad…? We’ll see…for now, I just want to get to my First Plot Point – which according to story structure maths should be around 12.5K words (25%). I am actually a little over halfway there. Good to know.


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4 thoughts on “Nanowrimo 2014: Day 1 to 4

  1. Good attitude about just pushing forward. That’s the best thing to do during a first draft.

    Personally, I always like to think of a first draft as simply throwing ingredients into a bowl. It’s messy and unorganized, but it gets the basics collected. After that, you can “bake the cake”, aka, use those ingredients to build a solid foundation and work out those finer details you skipped/wavered on during your first draft. Then after that, you can “frost the cake”, aka make it pretty and polish it up.

    • I am constantly torn between wanting to pants it because I want to be surprised by where it is going to go and plan it because I am a bit of a control freak and I need to know the ins and outs…but I like the cooking/baking analogy as I tend to bake the same way…I use a recipe but adapt it often to my own little mix…Thanks for the comment though, I appreciate it.

  2. Thanks for the link! The best advice I can give is don’t go out of your way to use more words, do what feels natural. You will still need to edit later, but it ensures you don’t cut a quarter of the book out because you felt the need to fill some word quota. Good luck and just keep plodding along, above daily is exactly where you want to be. I’m cheering for you!

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