Nano 2014: 30 ideas to prompt your imagination

lightbulbI am not out of ideas yet but I decided to invest in a little book called “The Writer’s Block: 786 ideas to jump-start your imagination” just in case…and thought I should pick out 30 – one for each of the Nano days – to use in case I get stumped. I have picked them out at random. Feel free to steal borrow them for your own use 🙂

1 – Write an argument between 2 characters that starts in bed (honest to god, that’s the first page I opened at!)

2- Spark word: Tattoo

3- Write a story that begins ” The last time I saw my mother was 15 years ago”

4- Describe your first encounter with a celebrity

5- Take revenge on your least favourite teacher in high school: write a character sketch that exposes his or her flaws

6- Invent a character that sees a telephone number in the toilets wall. Describe what happens when he or she dials it.

7- Write a story that begins with an explosion

8- Spark words: Insanity

9- 17% of Americans claim they have witnessed a ghost…Describe one of their encounters…or one of your own

10- Tell a story that begins with the discovery of a ransom note

11- Describe your first brush with danger

12- Imagine that you could wake up tomorrow in someone else’s body. Whose would it be? How would your life change? What are some of the first things you would do?

13- Write about a near death experience

14- Describe a time you peeked a someone else’s diary

15- Spark word: Traffic Jam

16- Write a story set in a different decade. Use as many period elements as you can.

17- Write about the biggest secret you ever failed to keep

18- Write a story or a scene set in the kitchen of a fast-food restaurant

19- I opened the cupboard and…

20- Think of a person you don’t like and describe what you might say if you had to share a lift together

21- When I was a little girl/boy, I wanted to be a…

22- Two animals into one hybrid

23- Spark word: Superstitious

24- Something a little cheesy – It was a dark and stormy night….

25- My best friend and I used to… all the time when we were 10

26- A natural catastrophe hits a small village…

27- In 200 years time, archaeologists find your grave, what will they deduce?

28- You get to spend the day in the body of someone the opposite sex, what will you do?

29- You are walking home late at night. You hear a noise behind you…

30- You accidentally drink something with a hallucinogen in it…what happens next?

Most came from the book listed above, some I just made up after reading some of my Facebook’s friends statuses, other I remembered from writing classes…



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