Avoid These 25 Newbie Writer Mistakes

Some very good advice here…

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Welcome to Twitter Treasure Thursday! I think it’s fair to say that all of us are at different levels with our writing. Some of us have been at it for years, while others of us are just beginning. In my opinion, today’s Twitter gem is a great source for everyone (despite its “newbie” title).

apa-guidelines-for-writing3Even if you know the general do’s and don’ts of writing, it never hurts to brush up on “the rules”. And yes, I put “the rules” in quotations because there’s no right or wrong way to do any of this. But there are basic ways that should be considered. So check out this article by author and speaker, Jody Hedlund:

Avoid These 25 Newbie Writer Mistakes

1. Starts the opening paragraph with flowery, verbose, or elaborate descriptions. (A seasoned writer will try to start with a hook, usually a life-altering situation or action.)

2. Stops the story/plot/action to describe a room or…

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Camp Nano 2014 – And the winner is…

well, the winners really as to to win you have meet your target, but for once, I can proudly add my name to the list.

I have now bragging rights and I am not going to be coy about it.

So be warned!

Now, I have to plan my next move…but I’ll wait until next month. This month, I will bask in my achievement.