Camp Nano – Day 28 – Target acquired!!

(courtesy Google Images)

(courtesy Google Images)

Day 28 at Camp Nano and people, I have done it! Today, I reached 20,222 words busting my 20,000 words target and I still have a few paragraphs in me for my current chapter.

Not everything is linear and I have had a few stop and starts but I have done it! I am so happy with myself. I am not sure I would have been able to do a 50K words target, especially not with a 2 weeks holiday in the middle of it but I am very proud of myself for having stuck with it, especially on the same story.

My story is far from being finished but I should be able to work at it at little easier (theoretically) now that a lot of the work is already well on the way.

I am happy to have participated to this as I broke down two of my major issues: getting past Chapter 3 and sticking with the same story day in day out to see where it went.

I am still not sure if my story is worth telling but I have to admit I have had fun trying to figure out what dramas I could throw to my main protagonist (Rys). I am also hoping to get a bit more genre mixing with it as it is one of my goals too (fantasy and sci-fi). At least that’s the plan, we will see how successful this mash is.

All the best to those still working at meeting their goals…I am done.


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