Camp Nano – Day 11 to 26…Boy oh boy…


Day 26 at Camp Nano and only 6 days remaining to hit my 20,000 words target.

I have been really bad for the past two weeks but I kinda expected it. It is very hard for me to get into any kind of routine when I am with my family. I love them to bits but they don’t particularly understand boundaries, although they did try…and to be fair, I was quite happy to go with the flow there. After all, it was my summer holiday and keeping locked in my room to write was the last thing on my mind when it was sunny and 40 degres (celsius) out and my 6 years old nephew begged for me to play with him. I don’t get to see him (or the rest of my family) very often.

Saying that, I did managed a couple of hours of writing here and there so I wouldn’t fall massively behind. It’s 6 days to the finish line and I only have 2817 words to write. So I know I can definitely do it. Having a finished story is another matter. I have been rewriting some of my earlier material, as as I went along I realised I didn’t really like where it was going…That’s the problem with pantsing it. It’s also the problem when you have a short term memory like a goldfish’s. I have to read again what I wrote last to remember where I was which automatically triggers the inner critic in me.

When I was a student – way back when mobile phones were still a twinkle in the mind of their creators – and I had an essay to write, I would only do it the night before, in one stretch and with barely any re-reading (only for spelling purposes), so I couldn’t change my mind on what I had written. I hated having to read again what I had written as I also found it to be awful. This system seemed to work as I always had good marks for my writing. There was a part of me who knew that I would probably hit higher marks if I worked at it in advance, with a chance of edit but the marks were high enough for me to keep my system. It’s not really doable if you are writing a novel or even a short story…although I used to do that too. My short stories used to be written long hand and in one stretch. No reviews. I am very upset that I can’t find them again. They are somewhere in the mess that my old bedroom is…

So my dear reader, here I am, a mere 3000 words away from my target and 6 days to do it…yes, I think that it will be done and I am happy with myself that for once, I have stuck with something till the end.








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2 thoughts on “Camp Nano – Day 11 to 26…Boy oh boy…

  1. At least you can still reach your goal! I completely messed up my schedule by going on a week-long vacation and afterwards completely losing my mojo… Still 24000 words left to write (for my not-so-ridiculous word count of 36000) and I am not going to make it. It seems so much easier to just keep writing when you’ve already started, no reviews…
    The thing about writing on paper when you don’t have access to a computer is that papers get lost, sadly.
    Still, here’s an early congratulations.

    • Thanks…although I reckon you could still make it…if you don’t have any more distractions…after all writing is also supposed to be fun…good luck!

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