Camp Nano : Hitting a Milestone

CampNanoDay 9 at Camp Nano…

and I have just passed the midpoint in my project. Tonight I just reached 10,218 words out of my 20,000 words target. Yippeekaiyay! I can’t guarantee that they are 10,000 great words and that the story makes great sense, but I am writing.

Tomorrow though, troubles might start. I am off on holidays to my folks in France for 2 weeks and as I am taking my nephew away with me, I don’t expect to have a huge amount of free time. He is 5 and a half and full of beans! I love him to bits but he doesn’t let me sit down to breathe for long 🙂 So maybe, being ahead will be useful.

See you folks in 2 weeks…in the mean time, keep writing!



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