Camp Nano – Day 7 – Beyond Chapter 3!

CampNanoDay 7 at Camp Nano…

Where have day 5 and 6 gone, I hear you say… Well, they have been and gone and I have met my target for both but being a weekend and all, it was a little harder to concentrate and I didn’t see the point of a post for them.

However with nearly a week since starting this, I am happy to report that I have broken the Curse of Chapter 3! Hooray! I think having this self imposed challenge is helping. Because I have to meet this final target for the end of the month, I am forcing myself not to go over what I have already written too much. Just enough to remind myself where I was when I stopped, even though in the meantime, I have had more ideas on how I could start the story better or change some interactions.

I make notes of the new ideas (wouldn’t wan those to be lost in the great vastness of my goldfish brain) but I still plough on, leaving the amendments for draft 2.

In the past, that’s what had gotten me stuck to Chapter 3. Because by that stage, you get a sense of your character and where she is going and suddenly you realise that how she started doesn’t fit any more and then you start re-writing the beginning over and over again…at least that’s my Groundhog Day.

As of yesterday…no more! Roll on Chapter 5!


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