Camp Nano – Day 4 – The Dreaded Chapter 3

Day 4 at Camp Nano and I have reached the dreaded “Chapter 3”!

So far I have written 4141 words of my 20,000 words goal, which isn’t bad at all. According to the stats page, if I keep the same word rate, I will have reached my target on 20th!

That’s the optimist approach…unfortunately, two things might get in my way:

1. I have hit Chapter 3 and that’s my “bete noire
2. I am going away on holidays to France for 2 weeks from next Thursday and as I am taking my 6 years old nephew with me, I am not entirely sure I will be “allowed” much free time to write…dum dum dum…

Sounds like obstacles thrown in the story of my writing arc! Will the heroine beat the odds? More at the next instalment.

Now I am still working my third chapter as I still have few more things to say. I have decided to pants it as well so I have no real idea of where this is going and suddenly, I have a new character that just appeared 🙂 She wasn’t even someone I had been considering before and now she is there and I think she is going be relatively important…how about that?


For all you campers, good luck with the writing and #happyindependenceday to all the American participants



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