Camp Nano: Day 3

2014-Participant-Facebook-ProfileDay 3 in the Camp Nano cabin and I am doing ok (Gee, I sound like the Big Brother guy! Well in my head I do!) So far I have gone over my 646 words/day target but let’s be honest, the beginning is probably the easiest. At least for me. Up to Chapter 3, I am usually rolling…then I hit a wall of plotting inspiration. For now, I am still at Chapter 2 so I am good. I was randomly allocated a cabin and there are 9 of us in the cabin, all with different projects – some is writing poetry, someone is trying for YA novel, another is using the Camp to do all the plotting in prep for NaNo’14…It appears that I am the only one there from Europe so there is a time delay in the conversations. I changed my story project at the last minute so from an urban fantasy story about witches and werewolves that I had in mind, I am now writing a sci-fi story about space pirates and monks…yeah, I know. We’ll see if I get passed Chapter 3….dum dum dum… In the meantime, keep writing! Signature2



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