Camp Nano – Day 28 – Target acquired!!

(courtesy Google Images)

(courtesy Google Images)

Day 28 at Camp Nano and people, I have done it! Today, I reached 20,222 words busting my 20,000 words target and I still have a few paragraphs in me for my current chapter.

Not everything is linear and I have had a few stop and starts but I have done it! I am so happy with myself. I am not sure I would have been able to do a 50K words target, especially not with a 2 weeks holiday in the middle of it but I am very proud of myself for having stuck with it, especially on the same story.

My story is far from being finished but I should be able to work at it at little easier (theoretically) now that a lot of the work is already well on the way.

I am happy to have participated to this as I broke down two of my major issues: getting past Chapter 3 and sticking with the same story day in day out to see where it went.

I am still not sure if my story is worth telling but I have to admit I have had fun trying to figure out what dramas I could throw to my main protagonist (Rys). I am also hoping to get a bit more genre mixing with it as it is one of my goals too (fantasy and sci-fi). At least that’s the plan, we will see how successful this mash is.

All the best to those still working at meeting their goals…I am done.


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Camp Nano – Day 11 to 26…Boy oh boy…


Day 26 at Camp Nano and only 6 days remaining to hit my 20,000 words target.

I have been really bad for the past two weeks but I kinda expected it. It is very hard for me to get into any kind of routine when I am with my family. I love them to bits but they don’t particularly understand boundaries, although they did try…and to be fair, I was quite happy to go with the flow there. After all, it was my summer holiday and keeping locked in my room to write was the last thing on my mind when it was sunny and 40 degres (celsius) out and my 6 years old nephew begged for me to play with him. I don’t get to see him (or the rest of my family) very often.

Saying that, I did managed a couple of hours of writing here and there so I wouldn’t fall massively behind. It’s 6 days to the finish line and I only have 2817 words to write. So I know I can definitely do it. Having a finished story is another matter. I have been rewriting some of my earlier material, as as I went along I realised I didn’t really like where it was going…That’s the problem with pantsing it. It’s also the problem when you have a short term memory like a goldfish’s. I have to read again what I wrote last to remember where I was which automatically triggers the inner critic in me.

When I was a student – way back when mobile phones were still a twinkle in the mind of their creators – and I had an essay to write, I would only do it the night before, in one stretch and with barely any re-reading (only for spelling purposes), so I couldn’t change my mind on what I had written. I hated having to read again what I had written as I also found it to be awful. This system seemed to work as I always had good marks for my writing. There was a part of me who knew that I would probably hit higher marks if I worked at it in advance, with a chance of edit but the marks were high enough for me to keep my system. It’s not really doable if you are writing a novel or even a short story…although I used to do that too. My short stories used to be written long hand and in one stretch. No reviews. I am very upset that I can’t find them again. They are somewhere in the mess that my old bedroom is…

So my dear reader, here I am, a mere 3000 words away from my target and 6 days to do it…yes, I think that it will be done and I am happy with myself that for once, I have stuck with something till the end.








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Camp Nano – Day 10 – Slowing down…

CampNanoDay 10 at Camp Nano…

and I have had my slowest day…only 713 words written and mostly gibberish…

I blame it on the fact that today I woke up at 2.30am (GMT) and I am now fighting sleep at 9.40pm (GMT +1), having taken a Eurostar to Paris first thing, then a metro, then a RER train and finally a 4 1/2 car ride to get to my hometown for the start of my summer holiday.

I am knackered and my brain is just going “yadda yadda yadda…punch…yadda…yadda…faint left…” Yes, I am writing a fight scene and I think it just got a little messy…*sigh* that will require some serious editing *sigh*…sleep now… there is always tomorrow.

Night, night world!

ps: Signature2Oh I have discovered a new series of books. It’s meant to be for 10-12 years old kids but so was Harry Potter and I loved those…It’s called the Skulduggery Pleasant series by Derek Landy and it’s wickedly funny!





Camp Nano : Hitting a Milestone

CampNanoDay 9 at Camp Nano…

and I have just passed the midpoint in my project. Tonight I just reached 10,218 words out of my 20,000 words target. Yippeekaiyay! I can’t guarantee that they are 10,000 great words and that the story makes great sense, but I am writing.

Tomorrow though, troubles might start. I am off on holidays to my folks in France for 2 weeks and as I am taking my nephew away with me, I don’t expect to have a huge amount of free time. He is 5 and a half and full of beans! I love him to bits but he doesn’t let me sit down to breathe for long 🙂 So maybe, being ahead will be useful.

See you folks in 2 weeks…in the mean time, keep writing!


Camp Nano – Day 7 – Beyond Chapter 3!

CampNanoDay 7 at Camp Nano…

Where have day 5 and 6 gone, I hear you say… Well, they have been and gone and I have met my target for both but being a weekend and all, it was a little harder to concentrate and I didn’t see the point of a post for them.

However with nearly a week since starting this, I am happy to report that I have broken the Curse of Chapter 3! Hooray! I think having this self imposed challenge is helping. Because I have to meet this final target for the end of the month, I am forcing myself not to go over what I have already written too much. Just enough to remind myself where I was when I stopped, even though in the meantime, I have had more ideas on how I could start the story better or change some interactions.

I make notes of the new ideas (wouldn’t wan those to be lost in the great vastness of my goldfish brain) but I still plough on, leaving the amendments for draft 2.

In the past, that’s what had gotten me stuck to Chapter 3. Because by that stage, you get a sense of your character and where she is going and suddenly you realise that how she started doesn’t fit any more and then you start re-writing the beginning over and over again…at least that’s my Groundhog Day.

As of yesterday…no more! Roll on Chapter 5!


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Camp Nano – Day 4 – The Dreaded Chapter 3

Day 4 at Camp Nano and I have reached the dreaded “Chapter 3”!

So far I have written 4141 words of my 20,000 words goal, which isn’t bad at all. According to the stats page, if I keep the same word rate, I will have reached my target on 20th!

That’s the optimist approach…unfortunately, two things might get in my way:

1. I have hit Chapter 3 and that’s my “bete noire
2. I am going away on holidays to France for 2 weeks from next Thursday and as I am taking my 6 years old nephew with me, I am not entirely sure I will be “allowed” much free time to write…dum dum dum…

Sounds like obstacles thrown in the story of my writing arc! Will the heroine beat the odds? More at the next instalment.

Now I am still working my third chapter as I still have few more things to say. I have decided to pants it as well so I have no real idea of where this is going and suddenly, I have a new character that just appeared 🙂 She wasn’t even someone I had been considering before and now she is there and I think she is going be relatively important…how about that?


For all you campers, good luck with the writing and #happyindependenceday to all the American participants


NaNoWriMo Tips – How To Deal With Deadlines

Some good tips from NaNo Alumni…why try to reinvent the wheel when someone else has already done the work?

Jen's Pen Den

Since so many of you are participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this July, I thought I’d re-post a blog I wrote last fall: How To Deal with Deadlines. We all have our different methods of madness. These are some of mine when it comes to managing time and reaching goals. Hopefully one or two of them will help you achieve your own goals.


In all the years I’ve been writing, I’ve never taken on the mighty writing challenge of NaNoWriMo. But I have dealt with writing deadlines. Some of those deadlines have been enforced by other people (agents, producers, PR reps, etc.), while others have been self-enforced–or rather, self-inflicted. Case and point:

Last spring an agent requested my full manuscript. She ended up passing, but she liked it enough to recommended it to two other agents. So, I eagerly sent them my query letter. Less than ten minutes after I pushed the send button I realized I’d made a fatal…

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