The One that goes round, round…


Ouroboros… This is just how I feel (Courtesy of Google images)

I am in the middle of a struggle. I have read 2,000 words in front of the class and was please with the feedback I got but that excerpt was not really part of anything. Sure it vaguely used the character I had in mind for my story but I had whipped in during my lunch hour so I didn’t think much on how it fitted in my story…actually, that is my major problem. I still don’t know what is my story. I have a sense of genre (urban fantasy) and character but I still don’t know what I want them to do. I think I made a mistake in signing up to this last course as it would most certainly benefit me more if I had a skeleton project on the go. As it is, I only have a shadow, a spark and I keep going round and round, circling, changing what my character is…I am not a patient person by nature so I wanted to jump right in but this really doesn’t work. Next Monday I have to read again. A new 2,000 words excerpt and I really don’t know what I am going to do. I can’t carry on from my last piece because it just wasn’t going where I wanted it to go…


Or maybe that? A lot less elegant  (Courtesy Google images)

Or maybe that? A lot less elegant
(Courtesy Google images)

I also would like to participate to NaNoWriMo this year and I have been researching it as well as I think I have to be prepared for that (procrastination anyone? You bet your ass!). I think I have to take a deep breath and slow down. Go back to the basics…again.

I came across Larry Brooks’ blog post on preparing for NaNoWriMo and what you have to have planned before you can dive in, called 10 Specifics on How to Plan Your Story. The section on Your Vision, is probably where I am stuck. Right now I still don’t know what’s at stakes for my heroine (at least I do know that she is a she) and what it is that she wants… Why will things happen to her etc. I have to had some of the questions sorted before Monday though as I can’t show up to class without anything, especially considering the high standard of the others’ writing. I mean they are all seriously good and well polished where I feel like a freaking elephant in a crystal shop, fumbling around in the dark! So here are the questions I have to answer before Monday and then right a 2,000 word scene/chapter that will fit in:

  1. Who is the hero?
  2. What is she doing with her life prior to FFP (First Plot Point)?
  3. What is the issue, problem, opportunity thrown at them?
  4. What is the opposition to that need or quest?
  5. What are the stakes?
  6. How does the hero becomes the hero?
  7. How is it resolved?

I have 1 kinda sorted so far. I mean I know she is a she and some of her basic background info…but I don’t think I know nearly enough about her, which would lead to 2. Then I have a vague idea about 3 and 4 but no clue on 5, 6 and 7… Oh boy, I have my work cut out, don’t I? At least I have somewhere to start…right?

Well, I have three days to figure it out…ish.



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