Daily Writing Exercises – 1.2 Beginnings: Pairing Sentences

Day 2 of my following the writing exercises of What if? by Anne Bernays and Pamela Painter.

Today’s exercise is about pairing ideas for a first sentence.

Exercise 2: Write a first sentence of story about:

A- birth and one about death.
B- falling in love and one about filing for divorce
C- about spring and one about summer.

My contribution (comments, feedback, +1 welcomed!) – feel free to add your own contribution either in comment or as a ping back.

1. If Amelia listened to her mother, the day she had come into this world hadn’t been a joyous one for either of them.
2. As he slowly slipped away, his face relaxed as if finally, after a lifetime of pain and hardship, he was at peace with the world, happy at last ; with one last sigh he was gone.

1. It hit him like a freight train at full speed, he was falling for her, all of her, the good, the bad and the downright ugly.
2. Anna signed her name at the bottom of the page, her handwriting as elegant as ever ; she thought she should have felt something, relief, happiness, closure…instead she felt nothing, it was done, they were done.

1. Spring had always been Jake’s favourite season, not too warm, not too cold, nature waking up from its long slumber, bursting to life like a newborn taking its first cry.
2. The heat was always what got him in summer, making him uncomfortable and self-conscious ; did his armpits smell?


Feel free to comment, feedback or post your own contribution in the comment section or as a pingback.




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